The first extended mode includes all the features of regular mode. In addition, the toy operates the environment on its own. You must stop at a red signal at the traffic crossing, plan an alternate path or wait if the bridge is up, or change paths if the tunnel is blocked. Failure to do so will result in a crashing and screaming sound effect. Finally, be wary of any deer that your crew may spot on the tracks. They may run away, or they may not. Be safe, blow your whistle and slow down.

The second extended mode includes all the features of the first extended mode. In this mode, your crew tells you over the train's built in speakers scenarios you must complete. If you ignore or forget the scenario a crew member will remind you of your task. A job well done is rewarded by a thank you from a passenger or the factory owner. An excessive completion time receives a suggestion to move faster in the future. As you complete more scenarios, the suggested completion times are smaller and smaller, eventually forcing you to find the shortest path and test the speed limit of every turn.
Some examples of the many scenarios:
      -  Pick up passengers at the rail depot or bus stop and drop them off at the factory
      - Pick up the freight car at the depot, fill it at the loading area, and finally, bring it to the factory
      - Pick up passengers at the depot and bring them on a tour through the meadow and over the draw bridge.
      - Robbers are trying to plunder your cargo! Speed away and follow the directions the train calls out.
      - How fast can you go? You'll find out if you get the speed trial scenario. Go as fast as you can to earn a low completion time.

Extra pieces of scenery (see the add-ons section) have new functions built into them. As you add scenery, you add scenarios. With the Creation Kit, you can even create your own scenarios!

Switching between these three modes is easy; just use the switch on the depot.