The limitation of 3400 credits of design components has yet to interfere with the designing of the toy. The special components that will be used are as follows: a speaker that enables the "student" to receive vocal feedback from the XyloMaster, pressure sensors that let the XyloMaster know what keys are being struck, a segment LCD screen that shows the score of the music, infrared emitters on the keys that light up to help distinguish which keys play which notes, a computational processor that interprets the various notes the "student" plays and gives feedback accordingly, a PC link-up to download music, and a memory storage that remembers the progress of the lessons for each user if there are multiple users. Counting the costs of the pressure sensors and infrared emitters each nine times for the nine keys that the toy will be composed of, the total cost comes out to be 3000 credits. The software needed to read the downloaded music and configure the notes into scores of music costs $10.

Item Cost
Pressure Sensors100*9
Segment LCD Screen100
Infrared Emitters50*9
Computational Processor500
PC Link-up350
Memory Storage500
Total3000 credits +$10

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