• How do I save the lessons so that I don't have to start at lesson one each time I play with the toy?
    Click on the "menu" button. This should list your options of new, open lesson, open music, save lesson, save music, download, delete, options, and quit. Use the "up/down" buttons and the "select" buttons to click on save lesson, and your progress should be saved.

  • How do I download music from the computer?
    Use the computer link-up wire to connect the XyloMaster to the computer. Then choose the mp3's that you want to download and click on download option on the screen of the XyloMaster. Once the music has downloaded, you will be able to find it when you open the "open music" option.

  • Is there any way to turn off the XyloMaster's voice?
    Yes, there is. Under "menu", click on "options." This will give you the choice of raising/lowering/muting the XyloMaster's voice. Do not worry about not knowing what to do next, however, for everything the XyloMaster says will still be displayed on the LCD screen.

  • What if I download too much music, and the XyloMaster runs out of memory?
    Additional memory chips are sold at any computer/software stores. They cost about $10 for 2GB of memory.

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