The XyloMaster is a toy that teaches the user to recognize music scales and to play the xylophone. Even with the large number of technological features such as software for downloading music, memory storage, and pressure sensors, it is a kid friendly toy that makes learning the scale and playing the xylophone fun. There are feature that can be improved upon, however. For one, the XyloMaster can be made so that its software is compatible with more than just mp3 music files from the computer. It would also be great if the toys could be connected so that the users can compete with each other to determine who is really the "master" at playing the xylophone.

My overall experience of the Gateway Laboratories has been very positive. The only improvement that I can think of is to have the lectures in the lab, not in the theater. This way, the students can actually follow along with the lecture instead of simply listening and watching the screen. This would of course prolong the lectures, but it has been my experience that whatever we went over in class seems really simple until I try to do it myself and have no clue where to start. Also, more time should be spent on going over material assigning, as many students, including myself, encountered many problems trying to use the projection or stencil. Other than that, the class was great, for it was one of the few classes that was fun as well as educational.

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