What makes The Road Trip Buddy so special and fun for kids? It's the way The Road Trip Buddy interacts with them and engages them in play. Your kids will love it when The Road Trip Buddy responds to their actions and talks to them! To accomplish this, The Road Trip Buddy uses several special components, each corresponding to a certain number of "points" that translate into dollars. The total cost of the components of The Road Trip Buddy is 3200 points, putting it on the shelf for just less than $50, a small investment for keeping a child entertained on a long car trip!
Allows the user to hear the jokes and words The Road Trip Buddy trip buddy has to tell him.
Light Sensor
Allows the user to put the toy to sleep when he wants the map timer to stop by covering it for 20 seconds while holding down the "screen on" button.
Motion Sensor
Allows the user to wake up the toy by waving to it. The motion sensor senses the motion in an arc and alerts the toy to open its eyes.
Voice Chip
Gives The Road Trip Buddy a more natural-sounding, better quality voice.
LCD Screen
Shows the games the user plays and shows the journal entries entered by the user.
Computational Processor
Controls the overall activity of The Road Trip Buddy.
PC Link-up
Allows the user to link The Road Trip Buddy with their PC to print out the journal he has recorded.
Memory Storage
Stores the user's journal entries and keeps track of the trip memory and how far the user has traveled.
Rumble Motors (2)
Cause the toy to shake in celebration when a certain section of the trip is reached.
Small Servo Motors (6)
Open and close The Road Trip Buddy's eyes when he goes to bed and wakes up. Also move the model car along the map.
Complex Mechanics (6)
Work with the servo motors to control the toy's eyes and to move the model car along the track.
The Road Trip Buddy measures L:9" x W:5" x H:6" (closed).

Note: The Road Trip Buddy runs on eight (8) AA batteries, which are not included. The headphones that can be worn by the user are also not included; any headphones compatible with a portable listening device will work with The Road Trip Buddy.

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