Classic Games & Wacky Tales

Watch as your child spends hours playing The Road Trip Buddy's kid-tested collection of classic road trip games! See your child laugh with The Road Trip Buddy as they create silly stories together!

shot of the screen and keyboard

Your child has the option of playing one of several classic games with The Road Trip Buddy using the keyboard and screen. Kids can play alone, or for an added challenge can play against The Road Trip Buddy's computer. Games included are Hangman, Word Scramble, and Checkers.

Your child and The Road Trip Buddy can write a hilarious and silly story together! Create new Wacky Tales by entering the types of words The Road Trip Buddy asks for, like "something you can see inside the car" or "where you are going." The Road Trip Buddy will fill these words into a personalized story that is sure to make your child laugh!

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