Journal & PC Link-Up

Your child will love recording his memories of your trip in The Road Trip Buddy's journal, then printing them out from your PC to view again and again!

close up shot of the full-sized keyboard

Using the fully functional keyboard on left panel of The Road Trip Buddy's interior, your child can enter a daily record of the day's activities. The Road Trip Buddy will suggest that he write about his favorite thing he saw that day or the best song he heard on the radio. Of course, your child can write about whatever he chooses - this feature encourages your child to develop writing and thinking skills by providing him room to express what he thinks is important about the trip!

When you return home, link The Road Trip Buddy to your PC with the enclosed cord and disk. Using the enclosed software, your child can download, edit, and print his journal entries, giving him a permanent reminder of the great times he had on the trip!

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