The Road Trip Buddy is designed for convenience in travel!

The Road Trip Buddy has measurements (closed) L:9" x W:5" x H:6". This size is perfect for travel: small enough to fit in a child's backpack, but large enough for smaller child's pudgy fingers to use its buttons.

Some travel games are full of little pieces that get lost all over the car, making a big mess and preventing your child from playing the game. Not The Road Trip Buddy! The Road Trip Buddy is designed to be of a singular piece, making a neat and compact travel companion that closes upon itself to protect the interior when it is not in use.

The Road Trip Buddy has a location for headphones to hook up to its body. This allows your child to enjoy all the jokes and sounds The Road Trip Buddy has without annoying the other passengers in the vehicle. Finally, a toy that can please both your child and you, the parent!

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