Travel Tracker & Map

Let your child know the answer to "How long until we get there?" without saying a word!

shot of the Travel Tracker car and map

One of the most exciting parts of The Road Trip Buddy is its Travel Tracker feature! Children don't often have a concept of time or distance. This feature puts the idea of how much longer the trip will be in a visual image that is easy for kids to understand.

The right interior side of the toy is composed of a map of a road with a small model car that sits on top. Before you leave on your trip, use the keyboard to program in approximately how long your trip will take. The model car will move along the representational map at a proportional speed calculated by the CPU.

Progression of the Travel Tracker Car Moving Along the Map

the car at the starting point

the car approaching
the halfway mark

the car approaching the finish line

When an important distance is reached (1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 the way there), as marked on the map by red bars, the Road Trip Buddy will vibrate and open and close his eyes. He will congratulate your child for being so patient and well-behaved, tell a funny joke, and tell the child about how much longer the trip will last. The Road Trip Buddy in this way encourages your child to be well-behaved for the remainder of the trip.

Taking an extra rest stop? Traffic worse than you expected? No problem - The Road Trip Buddy can be adjusted to keep the correct time. If you want The Road Trip Buddy to stop, simply cover his light sensor (the yellow sensor on the left of his face) while pushing the red "screen on" button for 20 seconds. The Road Trip Buddy will go to sleep, storing all information such as time remaining until you wake him up again by waving to him.

If you simply want to tell The Road Trip Buddy to slow down, you or your child can simply edit the estimated time of arrival stored in the computer's memory. The Road Trip Buddy will then compensate for this change.

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