The Tsunami water balloon mortar is a great interactive toy, which combines the interactive nature with the excitement of a water fight. The mortar teaches the user how to set angles and calculate the distance between two objects. The positive side of this toy is the electricity needed to power the toy. Two double A batteries can power this toy for 3 months. With the addiction of the add-ons there is nothing the water balloon mortar can't get wet. Although this toy has many positive sides there are still improvement to be made. For example this toy is not easily made potable and compare to water guns has a slow rate of fire. I'm sure these problems can me fix with a little bit more time and ingenuity.
As for the Gateway class, this class is a fun class. Although many students won't admit this but they all had a fun time and enjoy those countless hours on the computers. Another reason I like the class is because of the workload. Compare to other engineering classes the workload for this class is great, not too much and not too little. I really enjoyed this class. Maybe next semester you can spend more time on assigning materials in Maya.