Price Guide

Pressure Sensor100Sensitive to the amount of force applied.
Altimeter Sensor200Sensitive to the pitch of the toy, i.e. if a toy is being tilted.
LCD Screen (Pixel)400A liquid crystal display screen of 1600 pixels. Larger or smaller sizes can be purchased at a proportional rate in units of 400 pixels.
Infared Emitter50Emits an infared beam with a range of 150 ft.
Infared Reciever50Detects an infared beam within a range of 150 ft.
Computational Processor500Required component of any toy that requires an control algorithm or can provide an "interpretation" of various inputs
Manual Pumps50Pumps that an operated manually by the user, to squirt water for example.
Complex Mechanics50Any complex array of gears, i.e. like those scene in "Furby".
Totle Cost1350=$50