Q: Does it come in different colors?

A: Yes it comes in different colors. The designer of the toy picked the colors shown due to the fact that he is colorblind and he thinks those colors look good. One in production, the toy will be made in various colors and designs if necessary.

Q: Does it really help you learn?

A: Yes it does. It teaches you the basic steps and uses tips and tricks that Pros give to novices in the books that they write. And from continual play, you become better in the game and in real life.

Q: How big is the toy?

A: The toy is not that big at all. It is the normal size of any type of handheld game. The toy is slightly long because of the stick but the overall size is not that big at all.

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Of course, the toy is designed so that everyone can use it. From the young to the old and from the beginners to pros, the skill level of the toy can be set and its easy to use interface guarantees everyone can play!

Q: Is it durable?

A: The Toy was design so that it can withstand the force of being dropped onto the floor. The Toy can take abuse like any other toy and it comes with a 3-year warranty which covers everything but intentional abuse.

Q: Can i put a spin on the ball in the game?

A: Yes! The toy is designed so that it acts like the real thing. Everything that can normally be done can be done on the toy. The toy factors in all the major elements of the game!

Q: How much and when is it available?

A: The toy will be available soon at a store near you! For only $49.99!