2-player Versus
Once you finish beating computer opponents, you can play against a human player by sharing the toy. The toy can be set to a two-player mode where the players takes turns after each other after they have missed the ball or scratch.
2-player link
Link two toys together and play a versus battle where each player has their own screen and has more time to think because each can see the setup of the table while the other person plays his/her shot.
8- Ball
One of the three games that are available for play. Play 8-ball where one person tries to hit all of his/her type (Stripes or solids). You can set how many games you need to win.
9- Ball
Another game that is available for play in 2-player mode or Versus Computer mode. Play 9 ball where the objective is to sink the 9-ball by sinking the balls 1-9 consecutively or doing a combo shot on the 9-ball.
21- Ball
The last of the three games available is 21-ball where one has to be the first to hit 21 balls of any type into the pockets. You can also play against human or computer players and edit the number of balls needed to win.