This is called climbing the Ladder. You start at the bottom, you're a rookie and you work your way up to a Novice. The difference, Novices have some sort of idea and Rookies have no clue.

Basic training is when you enter as a basic newbie to the game. It teaches you how to use the toy. It also introduces you to the basic elements and objects of the game of pool. The mode basically teaches you how to make straight shots and how to make angle shots. The basic shots and rules are addressed in this section.
Advance Training
Once you go through basic training, its time for advance training. Learn how to angle the stick so you can do trick shots. Learn how to jump the ball, do bank shots, hit an english and other different shots. Learn how different spins and different forces on the ball affect the movement.
Tips and Tricks
While you are playing the game, the toy will randomly say tips to help your play. Some tips will be generated from the actual play as in "Hit slightly off-center so that you can angle the ball in" to random things such as "hit the ball with medium force to get the best movement."