The following people deserve my thanks!

For teaching Maya and the crash course on HTML. This may be the only thing i really learned this year.

For answering all those mind-boggling questions on Maya when i got frustrated!

Jonathan So
For helping me with my Maya work when i was too stubborn to go ask the TAs or Dave for help.

Ting Zhou
For keeping me focused on making the toy and website when my mind wandered to thoughts of playing Red Alert 2. Also for her discoveries on what does what in Paint Shop Pro

Fanming Jen
For a more indepth crash course in HTML and for fixing my computer when it died on me when the project and the website was almost due.

Jason Lee
For the general crash course on Paint Shop Pro.

General People
For being online and keeping me awake in the weeee hours of typing code and for the school year.

The Memo

What is left in the design process?
What is left is the construction of the toy. The position of the sensors must also be determined so that the information that one gathers from the sensors will be maximized. The actual joints of the moving parts also must be determined and how the toy is connected to the stick. Lastly, the programming of the toy will also need to be developed.

What did i enjoy in the class?
The most memorable class was the one when we did trust exercises and group exercises outside of Uris Hall. I also enjoyed the HTML lessons and the bridges lesson since it was something that we can also use outside of class.

What concerns are left?
The most general concern is did the website meet the requirement since we had no example of previous websites. Another concern is how the overall presentation looks and if they toy meets the requirements. Other concerns is that does the website work on all browsers. And finally is if the toy is actually a toy someone would want to buy.