Componet Group
Interactive Components Speakers Enable NJ to communicate with player 200
Voice Chip Enhance NJ's sound quality, so it's more human like 50
Voice Idtentifier Identify player is commond, and reacts 500
Computational Processor Enables NJ to give different training session according to different inputs, diffrent voice expressions to player's reacts, and random yellings 500
Sensor Components Pressuse Sensor Used inside NJ's pressure points, so that NJ can tell each hit is correct or not 100
Speed Sensor Functions together to qualify the movement of the sword 100
Motion Sensor 150
Infrared Emitter Implemented inside Ninja-Sword. Send out infrad wave to NJ 50
Infrared Reciever Implemented inside NJ, recieve infrared from Sword and identify its movments 50
Reed Switch Implemented inside NJ, enables NJ to detect the approach of shurikens 50
Misc Component PC - link up Enables NJ to download new training sessions from the web 500
Memory Storage Engable NJ to store up to 20 training sessions 500