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Ninja-Warrior is an interactive toy that gives a player responses according to the quality and correctness of use of the Ninja-Sword and the Ninja-Shuriken.

It is simple to play with it. Ninja-Warrior speaks and tells the player everything to do!

---With Ninja-Sword: The player is supposed to use the sword to finish sets of hitting the Ninja-Warrior's different pressure points (seen as red button) in a certain order and amount of time, both of which depend on the difficulty level of the game. The harder the game becomes, the more complicated the combination of pressure points. The amount of time will also change accordingly.

---With Ninja-Shuriken: The player is supposed to throw Ninja-Shurikens at the Ninja-Warrior in a certain amount of time. This is done either by throwing shurikens one at a time, or in a group of two or, when harder, three shurikens all together.

The rules are simple also; but the player must play with it. Of course there is the time limit. At the same time, the player is required to swing the sword in correct "trajectories." Basically, the player must use the sword swiftly and correctly as well as react quickly to the instructions from the Ninja-Warrior.