Memo on my toy's progress

So far, my project is coming along well. My toy is a geography trivia game, where the user is asked trivia questions to earn shots, and then they must use the earned shots to find Geography George in different locations and shoot him. I have spent a long time modeling it in Maya and am pretty close to finished with the actual modeling part of this project. I need to use a 2D graphics program to draw some pictures to project onto the screen. Also, I have to work out some details regarding game-play. I was originally going to have an lcd pixel screen. However, to get the size screen I wanted, I would require at least ten or twenty thousand pixels. Therefore, I have changed that to a segment lcd screen. I also had planned on using an infrared gun to shoot George. However, by the time I added up the costs of the light and pressure sensors, and the infrared emitters and receivers, I decided that a joystick would be much more economical and simple. I am still debating whether or not to add other options like a toy linkup. I need to figure out the logistics of linking two toys together, like how that would effect the game play. I think that I would make the trivia round be a speed round, teh first player to know the answer would have to "buzz in" and answer the questions. Then the players could battle during the shooting round, and both try to seek out George. Whoever hits George more times will be the winner of the game. The game will be scored using points, and each one will include a high score list. I have not started the web presentation yet, mostly because I have no idea what we are supposed to do with it. Hopefully after today's class I will have a clearer idea about how to set up my presentation and I will begin work on that as soon as I am finished with my modeling.