Grand Touring Racing Simulator
Overview:Grand Touring Racing Simulator is a driving simulator which features a steering wheel, gearbox, and pedals as a control device for a radio controlled car. It also simulates the upkeep of a performance car, with various interactive features and the use of credits. An unlimited number of custom courses can be created by the user through the use of pylons. Several players can hook up and race each other for car parts or credits. The fun never ends with Grand Touring Racing Simulator!
Basic Control:A radio controlled car is driven by the player through a steering wheel, gearbox, and pedals. The interface sports a manual or automatic transmission, with the car responding accordingly to each. The dashboard is propped with a tachometer, and speedometer(with relative speeds scaled for the car). A set of ten pairs of pylons comes with the package. These are ordered and can be placed anywhere creating a custom track designed by the player.
24/7 Upkeep:A clock is active in the car keeping track of time. A "salary" of credits is disbursed to the player every week. With this salary, the player can buy gas, purchase performace upgrades, etc. Different octane gas is available at different prices, all affecting performance and engine life. Performace parts such as sport intakes and exhausts, headers, ecu chips, intercoolers, and turbo upgrades, can be purchased with credits. The higher quality the part, the faster the car will go. An LCD and input devices is located on the other side of the dashboard and steering wheel. There also sits a mini-garage for the car where it can be kept and credits can be spent.
Multiplayer RacingThe greatest part of upkeeping a performace car is to race it against your friends! Systems can be hooked up by driving console and players can race each other. A bet can be set and the winner wins it all!