GT-R Tuner

This is an update on the progress of my project. I have so far rendered the basic car object of my project, updated image not shown above. I might consider using modified spheres to smoothen the overall appearance of the car though. So far the modeling is going smoothly.

On the other hand, the details of the car are still in the works. After my storyboard was marked by a TA or Dave, it was stated that it was not interactive enough. So...I am adding a host of features to it. Now, it will be a Radio Control Car, which is extremely mechanized in its workings. Many minute details such as oil octane, transmission gear ratios, exhaust type, header size, engine tunes, and a lot more will affect the overall speed and control of the car. They will affect the car through means of resistance motors at the car's wheels and various other parts. Many servo motors will be placed in the car as to reproduce a real driving experience. Now the user not only has the power to drive the car, through a steering wheel, and clutch, gearbox or automatic transmission, but also has totla control over the mechanics of the car which can be maintained and tuned to the user's discretion.