Final Memo on Grand Touring Racing Simulator

Through the course of the design of this project, my one goal was to create the toy of my dreams that never existed. To me, cars, cars, and nothing but cars is my life. This toy would certainly have made my dreams come true. Not only is it entertaining, but it is also educational in the sense that it teaches the mechanics of car maintenance and performance. Overall, I am very satisfied with the final result of my design project.

From here, there is a lot more to do to make my toy complete. For one the Diagnostic Computer and all its multitude of features would have to be conceptualized, designed, and programmed. I would also design different car models other than the one now for more variety and differrent tastes. If more time were alotted, more detail and work would have been put into the model car to make it look even better. But because it is only a radio control car, too much detail can be bad due to the effects of wear and tear.

Overall I have enjoyed this class tremendously and have had lots of fun during the design of my toy since it IS the toy of my dreams. Although the workload was a bit tedious, seeing your final product makes it all worthwhile. Thanks to Dave, oh Wise One, and all the TA's for a course and class well taught.