Ding-Dong is an interactive figurine that hangs on the doors of kid's room to greet
the people coming in. My toy has been modeled, the parts defined and priced and the
functions described. The next step would be to a more detailed modeling involving
the interiors and the putting together of these many different mechanisms. Ding-Dong
is just a preliminary idea, and would have a long way to go before even coming
close to being made. It needs quite a lot of alterations and improvements.

This class
has been a lot more imformative then I thought. In the begining, I
thought I really wouldn't learn much HTML since class is only once a week, and it was
taught so quickly.
Since, I knew nothing about HTML at all before I attended this
class, the first few assignments were very difficult and I needed a lot of help. But,
through the practices, and having to do the final project by myself, it really forced
me to learn how to write HTML, and how to model through maya. This final project taught
me a great deal, and now that it's done, I'm glad I did it.

Dave is a great instructor and speaker. He wasn't given much time at all, and a
whole bunch of material to teach to a class that consisted of some people like me,
who knows absolutely nothing about computers. I thought he did a great job in
capturing what's important during class time, and leaving the rest for us to go
explore and learn ourselves. I certainly know a lot more about webpaging and
modeling now, and I'm sure others would agree with me. Overall, it was a worthwhile
class. Though, the past few days have been pretty tough - I've found a second home
in this computer lab =). All in all, I'm glad I took this class and I wanna thank
Dave, and all his T.A.s!