Project Memo as of 11/21/00
     The primary goal is to create a toy that sells. Firstly, the title of the toy must be changed to improve sales. Interactive Soldier will be replaced with Laser Warrior.

     It is important that the toy looks excellent on the shelf of the store and provides a satisfactory level of entertainment to the user. Initially aiming for a price of around fifteen dollars, I used only a fraction of the allocated points in my project, roughly 500 out of 3400. Due to conservative initial budget and practicality estimates, the features of the toy included on the first storyboard were limited to the bare essentials.

     The large majority of the criticism on my project implied not enough complexity or interactivity. I am going to add extremely significant additional features to the model to improve upon this. It will increase price, but increase quality. Added will be an altimeter sensor, computational processor, radio control, and an additional motor. The altimeter will simply add to interactivity by detecting movement from the user and having several programmed responses. The radio control, computational processing, and motor will allow for wars between many soldiers. The user will be able to rotate the upper torso, aim and fire the weapon, a different infared channel, which will cause hit soldiers to fall over and yell. The motor will change the center of mass of the toy, and cause it to fall. All the additional features should raise the points to around 2500 to 3000 out of 3400.

     The basic modeling of the toy is almost finished. Many finer adjustments and complex textures need to be added to the model. The individual weapons to be inserted into the soldiers free hand, are in the progress of being modeled. Included is a screenshot of the progress of the model.