Interactive Soldier Toy - By Michael Weiss
    Interactive Soldier is an electronically enhanced action figure. He is slightly larger than the average action figure, able to balance himself, rotate at the waist, and hold one of several weapons. The soldier can talk and utters random war-like chants. He reacts differently to weapon he is given. He will aim and fire the different weapons, which light up with LEDs on the tip. Soldier will detect the presence of other soldiers and engage them in battle to the best of his ability.

   The most important feature of Interactive Soldier is the speaker located on the center of the back. The speaker emits the sound effects and the voice of the soldier.

   The soldier says when inactive, over random intervals of time, one of six different messages:
  "Ready to rock!", "I'm waiting", "C'mon let's go!", "Move, move, move!"

   The soldier is capable of balancing himself and rotating 60 degress from the hip. When ordered to fire a gun, or in the presence of other Interactive Soldiers, or when left inactive, soldier will rotate.

   The soldier can hold one of two guns. When given the machine gun, he will respond, "alright, lock and load" followed by the sound of a clip being loaded into the gun. If he is given the plasma blaster(bottom) he will laugh, and a futuristic whir of the gun being prepped will sound. The LEDs on the gun will light up when fired.

   There are two buttons located on the back of the soldier. The button on the right is the on/off button. The button on the left is the fire button. When a gun is inserted, and this button is pressed, the soldier will rotate back and forth, firing the gun. The speaker will produce the sound for the appropriate gun. If the button is pressed, and there is no gun inserted, the soldier will say, "Give me a gun!"

   There are two sensors located on the front of the soldier. One sensor will detect the presence of other soldiers. The other will send out infared light so other soliders will be able to detect its presence. If one soldier detects another, it will yell, "Engaging enemy!" and begin firing and rotating.