Speakers 200
Light Sensor 50
Pressure Sensor 100
Altimeter Sensor 200
Voice Chip 50
Infrared emitter 50
Infrared reciever 50
Radio Control 400
Computational Processor 500
Small servo motors 3x100
Toy Link-Up 350
Complex Mechanics 50
TOTAL 2300

Final Project Memo, Completed 12/11

    The next steps in the production of the toy involves the physical construction. The toy must be balanced properly to perform its rotations and falling stunts. Although the functions may appear simple, the systems of gears will still have to be complex and compact.

    Another complex detail is the infrared signals. The beams must be fairly week and narrow as to provide an actual laser resembling pulse, but the signals which the toys use to acknowledge one another's presence must be long range and wide, like a remote control.

    The voices need to be recorded and the computational processor needs to be programmed and created. Most importantly, the end result should be entertaining battles between toys.

    I enjoyed the Maya aspects of the course more than anything else. Dave was an excellent instructor. In fact, all of the TAs were terrific. Next semester I will pursue Maya in E3115. The in-class people skill exercises were also useful.