My toy, tentively named "Dragobot" is undergoing serious evolution at the moment. A toy originally labelled as 'the toy that has everything' would never sell in the real market. One toy cannot be all things to all people. It is for that reason that I have decided to focus on those aspects I find to truly unique to my toy. I feel if I can develope my toy's personality to make it seem like the toy is truly independent then my toy will be more enjoyable. I have decided to focus on my toy's ability to recognize potential users and move under its own power toward the user almost like a puppy greating its owner. Also I am interested in developing my toy's ability to interact with others of its kind. To add more personality to my toy it will include facial ticks like smiles and frowns so it will at times be happy to see the owner or angry because the way the user is treating it.
- - - To reduce cost I have decided to reduce many of the voice recognition features, making the toy respond to certain types of sounds rather than particular voices and words. Also I will make the toy more sensitive to physical contact, forcing the user to play a more active role in the toy's usage.