Dear Sir or Madam:
I have for your consideration three interactive toys that I have designed. The first, the one I find most interesting, comes in two parts. The toy is basically an advanced juggling game. The first part is a ball about the size of a sixteen inch softball. The ball contains impact protected hardware that it uses to measure impact, acceleration, speed, and rotation, the ball talleys hits and sends information via infared sensor to a computing device that displays hits and scores. The ball would be able to count consecutive juggles, factor in tricks like craddling the ball and add points for how hard it is hit, and how quickly it is hit again. For added enjoyment the display device can call out tricks for the juggler to do to add variety to the game for advanced users. It can account for multiple jugglers and call for the person with the ball to pass... etc. Also, as an added feature I am considering having the display unit play notes to correspond to the hits on the ball that can be altered to play different types of music.
Another toy I have designed I lovingly refer to as the Crazy Robot. The robot is sensitive to light, touch, sounds, and heat and will turn on automatically if a sensor is activated. Once on, the robot, mounted on wheels, will follow the nearest person using a compination of motion, sound, and heat or bio sensing. The Robot will be able to recognize familiar users and treat people he does not know as foes and follow them with more enthusiasm. The robot will also be able to sense if other robots are in the area and will randomly choose if it is a friend or foe, so the robots can attack each other, chase each other or team up and chase the user.
My third toy is a two headed dragon that interacts with itself and the user. It can talk to its other half or the user in jibberish, will be able to make facial expressions, and be able to sit down, stand up and walk, based on 'mood'.