Speakers 200 Small speakers of MIDI quality.
Pressure Sensor 100 Sensitive to the amount of force applied.
Motion Sensor 150 Detects the presence of movement in an arc in front of it
Altimeter Sensor 200 Sensitive to the pitch of the toy, i.e. if a toy is being tilted.
Acceleration Sensor 200 Sensitive to is the rate of movement of the toy, i.e. if it is being jerked.
Voice Chip 50 To be used with speakers to increase the quality of the sound.
LCD Screen (Segment) 100 A liquid crystal display screen that can display only pre-set segments light or dark, i.e. like a digital watch.
Computational Processor 500 Required component of any toy that requires an control algorithm or can provide an "interpretation" of various inputs
Memory Storage 500 Allows the toy to store information/data, i.e. to be able to identify multiple users for example
Anti-Shock Component 500 Allows the toy's components to withstand a moderate shock
Leather 500 This nontechinal, yet costly component must be accounted for in the budget
TOTAL 3000  A modest price for any football, especially one containing as many features as Freddy Football