I feel that my toy is a reasonably good idea; however, the idea lacks some development. I am unsure as to whether it is feasible to have a toy that can teach you basic moves in checkers and chess; this may provide a fiscal problem. Also, I am unsure of the cost of the necessary magnets and magnetic sensors with which the computer would locate the game pieces.

I think the idea of this toy would appeal to a large audience, especially children with no siblings. I would propose that batteries be the source of power for the toy, so it could be taken on trips.

Regarding my development of the idea, I feel that I proposed some good ideas but that the toy would probably not be marketable without some revisions.

Regarding the Gateway Lab course, I found the class very interesting and enjoyed it far more than my other class for the most part. The homework was, at times, time consuming but was not boring, making my assignments fun and rewarding. I very much enjoyed learning Maya, and I feel that the class was well-instructed. Thanks Dave.