POLLY, the baby parrot, can sing, talk, laugh, and tell jokes, stories and facts.  Various sensors even make Polly a ticklish little bird.  Here is a typical day of Polly:

Polly is activated by pressing the on/off button on the back.

Polly greets you with a self introduction, and then asks for your name. Press Polly's beak to record your name.

Polly likes to tell jokes! Press his right wing.

Polly is good at singing songs! Press his left wing.

Polly is also very knowledgeable! Ask him to tell a fact by pressing his right leg.

Want to hear a story? Press his left leg.

Teach Polly a new sentence by pressing his beak to activate the recorder.

Polly laughs randomly and talks by playing back the recorded messages.

Polly is ticklish! Touch his tummy, and he will laugh!

Polly will flap his wings randomly!

Standing on a stick is what every parrot must know how to do!

Polly is tired! When he is ignored for 15 minutes, Polly will enter into the sleep mode. He can be awakened by tickling!