Dave’s Phenomenal Maya Cheat Sheet – Rendering Menu Set

By Dave




            Please See “Dave’s Illuminating Maya Lighting Cheat Sheet”





            Please See “Emril’s ‘Punch It Up A Click’ Maya Hypershade Cheat Sheet”





Note: The first two menu items can also be accessed through the Render View window which can found alternatively through WindowsàRendering EditoràRender View


Render Into New Window

This will open up the Render View window and will render out the scene as it is seen through the film gate*  This is the best way to see your final scene.


* To show the film gate, go to the Panel menu, ViewàCamera SettingsàFilm Gate.


IPR Render  Into New Window

An IPR render differs from a regular render in that an IPR render will update itself automatically as you adjust your scene. This is particularly good when trying to set up your lights and textures which can only be seen properly when they have been rendered.


To make the update time quicker and the demands on your CPU less, you can click and drag a rectangular box in the IPR render and then only this section of the IPR render will be continuously updated.


(Save) Batch Render

This command performs the actual final rendering and saves the resulting image(s) in your image folder of your Project directory. You can monitor your rendering progress by opening WindowàGeneral EditorsàScript Editor…


Cancel Batch Render

As the name implies, this cancels the current rendering process. This can be used if your rendering is taking far too long and you wish to change some of your Render Globals… setup to simplify the process.


Note: You may want to open an IRIX shell and look in the project folders to see if there are any files left behind.


Render View Menus

            In general you will only need to use two menu sets:



            Redo Previous Render             Redo the last render.

            Render Region              Render the region selected in the rendered image area.

            Render                                     Render a specific window

Snapshot            Make an image of the scene as viewed through the film gate but all objects will be seen in wireframe mode.


If your scene is too large and you only wish to render a portion of it you can first create a Snapshot, select a region of the snap shot and then choose Render Region.



Redo IPR Render            Redo the entire last IPR render, regardless of whether you have an area selected or not.

IPR Render                        IPR Render a specific panel.

IPR Render Globals                        Change the render globals for the IPR renderings only.

Update Shadow Maps                        Refresh the shadow maps in the IPR render.

Update Image Planes/…            Refresh the image planes/backgrounds in the IPR render.

IPR Tuning            Toggle certain render characteristics on or off to show more detail or to speed up the rendering