You are expected to use the ELN for any or all of the following four purposes:

Pre-lab Notes To record notes from preparatory readings conducted before lab. These notes may include issues that you might wish to share with your group, including esxtablishing who has had experience or has knowledge about parts of the lab with which you are not acquainted or about which you have questions.

2. Lecture Notes To take notes from "lectures" that are conventionally given at the start of a laboratory experiment. These notes may prove to be helpful to the faculty so that they can incorporate your reactions in subsequent lectures.

3. Lab Notes To take "bench notes", recording in considerable detail exactly what goes on from moment to moment in the lab. This will help students later in the lab procedure or during the analysis/report writing phase to recreate what they were doing at any given time. It is the combination of both such pieces of information-data plus metadata- that is necessary to make sense of measurement numbers, and often leads to tracking down where blunders have occured that invalidate certain data.

4. Post-lab Notes To create collaborate reports. Not only does it contain the necessary data and clarifying descriptive information (metadata), but it also is the instrument for sharing contributions to the report, for posting the current copy of thre emerging document, and for conducting the cooperative dialogue needed for coordinating assembly of a coherent and correct report document.