Getting started:

Click on the ELN button in the navigation bar, or click on the following address: (Not a live link)

The first thing you'll encounter is a request for priviledges. Simply click on the Grant button as many times as the window pops up. This will enable communication between the notebook and the server.







Group Login:

Locate the ELNapplication icon on your desktop and double click on it. As you start up the Notebook, a Login window will eventually pop up, asking for your User Name and Password. Enter in your Group User Name and your Group Password.



Individual Login:


After you have logged in your group, a second Login window will pop up- this is the Notebook Login. Here, the required name and password refer only to yourself. Enter in your personal User Name and your personal Password. The notebook will thus stamp the data that you contribute with your User Name, the time and the date. If you just want to browse the notebook as a Guest, simply click on the Guest Login button to proceed.



Once you are done logging in, you will see the following windows:



Make sure to minimize the Netscape browser window
(the one in the background) and drag it to the bottom so that it is out of your way. You do not need it during your session and it will only get in your way.








Logging Out:



In order to log out, simply go to the File menu and select Exit. You should exit the ELN after your first login in order to ensure that your login name will get stored as a permanent user.





Then you will see the following screen in the browser. If you choose to login again, click on the Login icon.