Getting Started:

When you are finished logging in, the following page will open up:

This is the Control/Entry Window – Interaction between you and an ELN is controled by means of this window, which pops up during the log-in process at the point when the ELNapp4.5 application is launched.


Make sure to move this entire window to the right side of your screen so that you will always be able to see a part of it. This is important so that you maximize your screen real estate.



Creating a New Chapter or Page:

The first time you log into your notebook, it will be empty, and thus in the Table of Contents only the notebook name will be displayed. To create a new chapter, first select the item which will contain your new chapter, or page. Then in the Add Entry form, supply a name for the new item, and a short description (optional) and click on the submit button.



The Chapters for the Experiments are color-coded. The following table shows to which folder each experiment corresponds.




To create your first Chapter, to be used for the first Experiment, select the Notebook name in the Table of Contents, and then type "Lab 1" in the name box of the Add Entry form, writee a description if you wish and then click submit.





The result is that the Table of Contents list reloads and now it has the new chapter you have created.





To create a Page: select the Chapter you want to the new page to be in, and then fill out the Add Entry form accordingly, with a name and description, then hit submit.


The new page will open up automatically, but it will be void of any content. To find out how to add content go to the next page in the tour. The pages are also color-coded according to which experiment they belong. The one shown here is the color of the first Experiment; all pages that are part of your Lab1 Chapter will be in this color.