Page content: You add information to a page in the manner of a note. You give each note a name at the time of its creation to identify your data entry, and a description, - metadata which report the conditions during, and/or motivation for, your entry. The name of the note appears along with its icon – a pencil and notepad – in the TOC. The actual information you enter is contained in an attachment, or several, which you append to a note before entering the whole in your group's ELN. An attachment can be created using any one of the content creators, which are a part of you ELN. A content unit then is the combination of a note and one or more attachments, composed in your group's ELN as one composite entry.

To further understand the creating page content process you may go to The Definitions Index.


Content Creators are ELN tools you use for entering information as attachments in your notes. These tools are small application programs. You launch any one of them by clicking the appropriate button corresponding to the desired tool. These buttons all lie in a "toolbox" - a designated area in your ELN.

You may view the Content Creator functions using The Content Creator Index.