The Electronic Laboratory Notebook is a replacement for a paper data notebook. You will use it to keep all of your work in this course – preparatory to the lab sessions, within the lab sessions, and afterwards for putting together your reports. Since you will be working in groups in this course, we wanted you to be able to share all of your information in common with other members of your group. The electronic form of this notebook makes that possible where the paper notebook cannot.

The EMSL Electronic Laboratory Notebook is a web-based application that allows sharing distributed information across groups. Several National Laboratories are developing it for use by laboratory research teams, and we are adapting it for use by laboratory students. By means networking to a server, it can keep track of and make your information accessible regardless of your particular location, or that of your group colleagues. By means of HTML and Java it can capture and display data regardless of the type of computer system you are using, provided it is connected to the Internet.


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