Dry pressing is a multi-billion dollar industry relying on a conceptually simple process plagued by multiple sensitivities.

The following images represent our work on the various aspects of dry pressing (compaction) as it attempts to correlate (rather swimmingly) modeling results and X-ray computed tomography (CT) data. Our access to a CT has allowed us to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the ‘pack’ as we can follow (nondestructively) a set of process changes from "cradle to grave," i.e. from the green state to the final stages of sintering. This removes a great deal of the guesswork and adds a bit more concrete to our foundation.

A site map of the variables we’ve addressed is given below. Note that it is all-encompassing. This comes about from our work with industry; changes downstream and upstream are significant and can greatly increase the complexity of a given problem. We cannot afford to focus simply on the act of compaction itself. This demonstrates very little to an industrial sponsor.