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Check out those cool add-on and enhancement for access:
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Print Relationships Wizard!

Use this frequently requested add-in to print the contents of the Relationships window in Microsoft Access.
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FMS Access Information for Microsoft Access 97
Visit the FMS Web site to download the FMS Access Information add-in, which provides over 65 functions to get information about your installation of Microsoft Access, your operating system, Microsoft Jet engine statistics, file locations and more! Requires Microsoft Access 97.
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Filter-by-Form Example for Run-Time Apps
This application developed by Ken Getz shows you how to create a custom Filter-by-Form which you can use in any application, including a run-time application.
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The Partial Replica Wizard
The Partial Replica Wizard lets you easily create or modify a partial replica that contains only a subset of the data in the full replicas in a replica set. (Microsoft Access 97 only)
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Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools 97
The Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools 97 are now available! You can use the Microsoft Access Upsizing Tools to quickly and easily migrate solutions that you have created in Microsoft Access 97 to Microsoft SQL Server 4.21, 6.0, and 6.5. The Upsizing Tools 97 are free, and can be downloaded from this page.
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