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Check out those cool add-on and enhancement for excel 97:
Worth download!

Extend Your Reach for Help
If you've ever wanted more information on Help topics, install the excel 97 Weblinks Help file. It adds hyperlinks in many excel Help topics to Microsoft Knowledge Base articles, so more help is just a click away
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excel 97 Meets Money 98
With the Money Link to Excel, you can import your financial data from Money 98 directly into excel 97. Then you can take advantage of extensive charting and analysis features - including PivotTables, natural language formulas, AutoFilter, and more.
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Power Utility Pak 97
The Power Utility Pak provides dozens of new features to excel 97, including 31 general purpose utilities, 40 new worksheet functions, enhanced shortcut menus, and 3 games. Try this 30-day shareware demo!
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Bring the Web to Your Worksheet
Want to view current stock prices or interest rates in an excel worksheet? Web Queries let you import information directly from a Web site into the document you are working on.
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Auto-Recalculation Patch
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Business Planner Template
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Personal Budgeter
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