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File Management
    New Ctrl-N
    Open Ctrl-O
    Print Ctrl-P
    Save Ctrl-S
    Save As F12

    Undo Ctrl-Z
    Repeat last command F4
    Copy Ctrl-C
    Cut Ctrl-X
    Paste Ctrl-V
    Find Ctrl-F
    Replace Ctrl-H
    Goto F5
    Insert blank cell Ctrl-Shift-+
    Delete cell selection Ctrl-Minus sign
    Edit cell note Shift-F2

    Move down to next page of data Page Down
    Move up to previous page of data Page Up
    Move across to next page of data Alt-Page Down
    Move across to previous page of data Alt-Page Up
    Go to next worksheet Ctrl-Page Down
    Go to previous worksheet Ctrl-Page Up
    Move up through a selection Shift-Enter
    Move right through a selection Tab
    Move left through a selection Shift-Tab


    Annotate a cell Shift-F2
    Format selected element Ctrl-1
    Check spelling F7
    Create chart F11 (or Alt-F1)
    Enter date Ctrl-;
    Enter time Ctrl-:
    Scroll between relative, absolute,
    and mixed references - F4

Selecting Ranges

    All cells with notes Ctrl-Shift-?
    Rectangular range of cells around
    active cell    Ctrl-*
    Cells with formulas that refer
    directly to active cell   Ctrl-]
    All cells within formulas that refer
    to active cell     Ctrl-Shift-{
    Only visible cells in current selection Alt-;

Data Formatting
    Apply general number format Ctrl-Shift-~
    Format as currency Ctrl-Shift-$
    Apply percentage format Ctrl-Shift-%
    Apply exponential number format Ctrl-Shift-^
    Format number as date Ctrl-Shift-#
    Format number as time Ctrl-Shift-@
    Apply two-decimal place format Ctrl-Shift-!
    Apply outline border Ctrl-Shift-&
    Remove all borders Ctrl-Shift-_
    Hide rows Ctrl-9
    Unhide rows Ctrl-Shift-(
    Hide columns Ctrl-0
    Unhide columns Ctrl-Shift-)