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Here some software add-on for in Internet explorer 4

WorldView Version 2.1 Beta

WorldView v2.0 is a highly optimized VRML 2.0 compatible plug-in for both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. WorldView is the best way for you to experience 3D worlds on the Internet, Intranet, or our own desktop..

Passport for IE Version 1.0

Turns vrml worlds and ordinary web sites into online communities by adding chat and collaborative interaction. .

Fractal eXtreme Zoom Movie Plugin Version 1.01

This is a very small and very easy to install plug-in that works with Internet explorer 3.0, 4.0. It allows on line viewing of fractal zoom movies that have been created with Fractal eXtreme. After the plug-in is installed you can go to the Fractal eXtreme web site and view fractal zoom movies for free. This is the first and only plug-in that preforms this magic trick. Works on a 14.4 modem or faster.

Adobe Acrobat Control for ActiveX Update Version 1.0

If you recently upgraded to Microsoft(R) Internet explorer 4.0, you will need to update your system with the latest ActiveX Control for Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) in order to enable PDF Search highlighting and page-at-a-time downloading (byteserving) of multipage PDF files, and to view PDF files within your browser.

TransIE for Internet explorer Version 1.0

Allows you to backup your personalized Internet explorer settings, such as your start page, links, etc. and easily restore them if you ever need to reinstall Internet Explorer. The utility is also helpful if you have more than one computer running Internet explorer and you would like to have the same personalized settings on all of your computers. At this time, TransIE only backs up data for Internet Explorer, Internet Connection Wizard, Microsoft Chat, outlook Express, NetMeeting, Net Show, and the Windows Address Book.

EZ Download Version 97.6.19

EZ Download 96 is a Browser Add-On for Windows 95 that makes downloading programs dramatically easy. For novice and advanced users alike.

Version 1.1.2
TurboExplorer is a real-time Web surfing accelerator specifically designed for Internet Explorer 4.0. It can enhance your Web navigation with a sophisticated algorithm that enables it to anticipate hyperlinks and retrieve Web pages before they are displayed in your browser