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\Check out those cool add-on and enhancement for FrontPage:
Worth download!

Microsoft FrontPage 98b patch
Addresses some minor issues with the FrontPage Editor and design-time controls. read on it
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FrontPage Integration Tool for Netscape Communicator 4.0
This FREE FrontPage 98 integration tool provides users of Netscape Communicator 4.0 the ability to edit pages from within their browser
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J-BOTS˘ FrontPage Components from Webs Unlimited
Easily bring "interactivity" to your site with J-BOTS -- a great, fully-integrated add-in for FrontPage. J-BOTS automatically generates code based on your input. Twelve components in all!
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Photos To Go
Photos To Go is a web-based source of thousands of digitized professional stock photographs made available at sensible prices for small business and personal use.
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3Space Publisher from TGS
3Space Publisher creates stunning 2D & 3D animations, Java effects, VRML and photo-realistic images - and you can try it with a free download. BONUS - Get the CD-ROM Edition for $89 - 30% off list!
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roColour 2.0: Web Edition
The fast and easy solution for web color creation and use. roColour lets you quickly create customized colours and validate the web safety of your colors with one button so that you can simply drag and drop them into your Microsoft FrontPage Site
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Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro
Enhance your FrontPage created web pages with extraordinary 3D animated titles, logos, objects and buttons! See why noted Web Designer, Bruce Beard exclaimed of Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro, "I was in awe of the simplicity of the interface!"
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100 Free Web Images from WebSpice
A perfect companion to Microsoft FrontPage 98, WebSpice 1,000,000 Page Design Edition is a collection of over 1 million original & royalty-free Web art images, a Step by Step Design Guide, and dozens of samples to you get you started.
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