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Page navigation shortcuts
Page Up and Page Down will scroll the Netscape window one screenful at a time, just as these keys work in most other Mac programs. But what if you don't have an extended keyboard?

Then you'll be glad to learn that tapping the Space bar scrolls down a screen, and tapping the Delete key scrolls up. (Tapping the Up and Down arrows scroll one line at a time, but you already knew that, didn't you?)

The Home and End keys also do what you'd expect them to on a Web page, but if you're on a Home/End-less keyboard, Command-Up Arrow and Command-Down Arrow will get you to the same places.

Tapping the Tab key selects the Location field--handy for selecting long URLs. Tabbing again deselects the URL, so your Space bar/Delete key trick (see above) works right. But if the page you're looking at has form fields on it, the Tab key will move you from field to field instead.

Command-Left Arrow is the same as clicking the Back button, and Command-Right Arrow is the same as clicking the Forward button.

Option madness
Option-click on a link to save that page's Source--the HTML text file--to your hard drive without actually going to the link. (Dragging a link and dropping it on the desktop does the same thing, but you don't get a chance to name the file.)

Option-double click on a bookmark in the Bookmark window to open the Edit Bookmark dialog. Hey, this one's worth its weight in gold, huh?

Option-click on the Reload button to force a page to be reloaded from its remote location, even if the one in your disk cache is the latest version. If you hold down the Option key and open the View menu, the Reload command changes to "Super Reload."

Hold down the Option key when you choose File/Open File? to show all files, not just HTML ones. Netscape will attempt to open anything, but you'll often get gibberish.

Option-Control-A makes the Netscape window resize to fill the screen, and I mean fill--even the Mac's menu bar is obscured. Press the combination again to see the menu bar.

Option-Control-H hides the scroll bars; Option-Control-J brings them back again.

Option-Control-S refreshes (redraws) the screen if it's looking funky.

Option-Control-F is an Easter Egg! It brings you to the Fish Cam site