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Check out those cool add-on and enhancement for outlook:  Worth download!

More Junk E-mail Filters for Outlook 98
Customize which messages Outlook 98 considers junk with junk e-mail filters. With these filters, you enhance or update the junk e-mail filter already available with Outlook 98.
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Symantec WinFax PRO Update Utility
If you've already upgraded your Symantec's WinFax Starter Edition fax software to WinFax PRO, run this utility to make sure you can see all your Outlook 98 contacts in WinFax PRO.
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Jazz Up Your E-mail Messages
With stationery, you can customize the font, colors, and pictures in your HTML messages. Now available for download are a variety of new styles, including "Column Twill," "Forest Floor," "Pinstripe," and many more.
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Get Artistic with Microsoft Draw 98
Create cool 3-D text effects, diagrams of AutoShapes and connectors, and much more! This update to Microsoft Draw 97 makes the OfficeArt drawing tools available in Word, Outlook, or any OLE compliant application.
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Month by Month by word
If you want to bring your outlook 97 calendar into a word 97 document, this template is for you. It automatically re-creates your outlook 97 monthly calendar in Word, so you can easily modify it, print it, or convert it to an HTML document
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Extend Your Reach For Help
If you've ever wanted more information on Help topics, install the outlook 97 Weblinks Help file. It adds hyperlinks in many outlook Help topics to Microsoft Knowledge Base articles, so more help is just a click away
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Read Mail at Lightning Speed with the Three-Pane Preview Extension
Use the Three-Pane Message Preview Extension to separate "must-see" information from what can wait. You can display an entire mail message at the bottom of a view without opening it
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Improve Your Options with the Internet Mail Enhancement Patch
The Internet Mail Enhancement Patch offers improved functionality to outlook Internet Mail users, making it easier to send and receive e-mail over the Internet
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Sort Incoming Mail Automatically with the Rules Wizard
Install this powerful wizard to create and edit natural-language rules for managing incoming and outgoing messages
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Tidy Up Your Desktop with the Microsoft outlook Inbox Icon
Replace the Microsoft Exchange Inbox icon on your Windows 95 or Windows NT desktop with a Microsoft outlook icon
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