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Photoshop 5
Adobe transient witisims
go to help--> about
hold alt until the text starts to scroll
click on the eye, let go of alt and press ctrl at the same time
read and laugh.

Strange Cargo in Photoshop 5
Click on Help
Hold down the Alt+Shift Keys then click About Photoshop
You will see a picture of "Strange Cargo"

Photoshop 4
Take a look at the help menu. Click on About PhotoShop..., but don't release the mouse button. Hold down Alt while releasing the mouse button. Now you should see the Big Electric Cat.
Still at the Big Electric Cat window, wait a few seconds for the credits to start scrolling. Hold down Alt to speed up the scrolling. While you're holding down Alt, click on the cat's big eye. Then hold down Ctrl (while still holding down Alt). Release Alt and then Ctrl. Now some secret messages will pop up just above the scrolling credits.

Press the Shift, Alt, and Ctrl keys at the same time; while pressing all three keys, select Help-->About PhotoShop from the menu.

The PhotoShop splash screen -- the welcome screen that first appears when you launch PhotoShop -- now has a picture of the mythical Big Electric Cat and a scrolling list of the members of the PhotoShop development team. To speed up the scrolling display, press the Alt key; at the very end of the list, you should find a personalized "extra special thanks" for being one of PhotoShopís "favorite customers."