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Check out those cool add-on and enhancement for PowerPoint 97:
Worth download!

Getting the Right Spin
Now you can rotate three-dimensional objects on your PowerPoint slides in one-degree increments. Use the 3-D Rotation add-in and your objects will appear precisely as you want them to
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Extend Your Reach for Help
If you've ever wanted more information on Help topics, install the PowerPoint 97 Weblinks Help file. It adds hyperlinks in many PowerPoint Help topics to Microsoft Knowledge Base articles, so more help is just a click away
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PowerPoint 97 Binary Converter for PowerPoint 95
Easily share presentations between PowerPoint 97 and PowerPoint 95 with this binary converter
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Coordinate Your Colors with the PowerPoint PrintMe File
Are your printed colors not matching what you see on the screen? Use this handy PowerPoint 97 file to coordinate color settings between PowerPoint and your printer. Your printed presentations will look perfect every time
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Numbered Bullets Add-In
Following your PowerPoint presentations can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Use this helpful add-in to create numbered lists in your presentations.
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Animate Your Presentations
These animated templates will spruce up any PowerPoint 97 presentation. Choose from four different styles, and give your old presentations a brand-new look
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Miller's PowerPoint Templates
Alot of new Templates for free download. includes preview thumbnails.
go to : http://www.concentric.net/~ophack/