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Check out those cool add-on and enhancement for windows 95:

cdspin.gif (3865 bytes)Internet-related Patches

Install the MS DUN 1.2 Upgrade (MSDUN12.EXE) and reboot.
Install the Winsock 2.2 Upgrade (WS2SETUP.EXE) and reboot.
Install the Land patch (VTCPUP20.EXE) and reboot.

cdspin.gif (3865 bytes)Microsoft Euro Currency Support for Windows 95

This update adds Euro currency symbol support to the MicrosoftĂ WindowsĂ 95 operating system. To display the euro symbol, please select one of these three core fonts: Arial, Courier New, or Times New Roman
click here do download

cdspin.gif (3865 bytes)Power User Extras

Conventional Memory Tracker
Not getting enough conventional memory? This device driver unwraps the memory used by the mystical "vmm32" program. See CONVMEM.TXT for more information

MS-DOSĂ Mode Configuration Wizard Customization Tool
Take control of MS-DOS mode! Teach Windows how to configure your system, and never write another CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT file again.See DOSWZCFG.TXT for more information.

Windows Time Zone Editor
Where do you want to be today? Take control of your time zone.See TZEDIT.HLP for more information.

Windows 95 Keyboard Remap
Take control of your Control key! (And CapsLock, too.) Envious of your friends who have the Microsoft Natural Keyboard? This Control Panel Keyboard extension lets you fight back.

Windows Process Watcher
Take control of your CPU! This quick utility lets you watch which programs are using how much of your CPU.

Windows Logo Key Control for MS-DOS Programs
Take control of the Windows logo key when playing MS-DOS games!See DOSWINKY.INF for more information.

Desktop Menu
Open items on your desktop from a convenient menu on the Taskbar.

Explore From Here
Open the Explorer, rooted anywhere you want. This one's great over networks.

Change the screen's resolution and bit depth right from the taskbarˇwithout rebooting!  

Shortcut Target Menu 1.2
Get the properties for a shortcut's target just by right-clicking the shortcut.

Tweak UI 1.1
Adjust your Windows User Interface, including menu speed, window animation, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

XMouse 1.2
Make the focus follow your mouse without clickingˇjust like X Windows!

cdspin.gif (3865 bytes)UpgradeAid 98
UpgradeAid 98 is a new software utility that can take the fear, uncertainty, and doubt out of upgrading to Windows 98 by ensuring that users can continue to work under Windows 95, should the need arise
click here to download