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Create a new folder and name it "and now, the moment you've all been waiting for". Then rename it to "We proudly present for your viewing pleasure". Finally, rename it to "The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!". Double click on it to see the names behind Windows 95 and hear some music.


Start up the Solitare game. Choose "Game," "Options," and "Draw three." You can also put the scoring and stats on. Type in "xyzzy" (without the quotes). Hold down the CTRL + ALT + SHIFT & CLICK on the deck of cards.

Go to the start menu and click Help. Click the tab marked Find. At this point you may get a wizard asking you to set up Find. If you do, use the defaults. In the Find dialog box click Options. Set the top section to: All the words you typed in order, set the next section to: begin with the characters you typed. Click OK to return back to the main dialog box, and enter in the top box exactly: Who knows who built this tool? Hold down SHIFT and CTRL while clicking the Clear button. Click Options again, and set the top section to: At least one of the words you typed, set the next section to: contain the characters you type. And click OK to return back to the main dialog box. In the top box enter exactly: The Shadow knows! Hold down SHIFT and CTRL while clicking the Clear button.

If you get bored with the simplicity of the FreeCell game, try games 285, 27,006 or 31,464. They're sure to boggle your brain. If you've moved the wrong card in FreeCell, quickly press F10 before clicking on another card. It's the Undo button. And finally, let it be known that after you have won 65,535 games, FreeCell resets your winning streak stat back to zero.

start a game.
Click right mouse button & Left mouse button together.
While clicking bothe buttons press Escape.
the timer has stopped. Play as slow as you want (Finish the
expert in 3 sec).