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Here are some places you can find free support for Microsoft windows 95:

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Complete MicrosoftĂ WindowsĂ 95 Resource Kit Help File
This file provides IS professionals with detailed technical information on Windows 95.

Resource Kit Utilities
This file contains a number of valuable utilities, help files, and templates that make it easier to plan for the transition toˇas well as to install, troubleshoot, and supportˇWindows 95. Included are: the Resource Kit Help file (which can be downloaded separately), support tools, accessory software, and samples/templates.

arrow1.gif (8021 bytes)The How-To Guide
See articles from the Microsoft Knowledge Base on how to perform various tasks in Windows.

arrow1.gif (8021 bytes)Need Help Troubleshooting a Problem?
Use the Windows Troubleshooters for step-by-step assistance in solving any problems you encounter. These Troubleshooters are updates of the Troubleshooters included with Windows 98.

arrow1.gif (8021 bytes)List of Confirmed Bugs in Windows 95

arrow1.gif (8021 bytes)Recommended books

Windows 95 for Dummies (2nd Edition) - Andy Rathbone; Paperback

Programming Windows 95 (Microsoft Programming Series) - Charles Petzold; Paperback

Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit : The Technical Guide to Planning for, Installing, Configuring, and Supporting Windows 95 in Your Organization - Microsoft Corporation; Paperback