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Check out those cool add-on and enhancement for Windows 98:
Worth download!

A text file that explain you how Obtain Windows 98 Updates and Utilities
To download Windows 98 updates and utilities, go to Windows Update and visit Microsoft's online extension of Windows 98 that helps you get the most out of your computer. From Windows Update, you can download the latest updates for your Windows 98 system.
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Bootmenu 3.81
Upgrade to Windows 98 without loosing windows 95 or Windows 3.11.
gives you the opportunity to choose freely - during the booting process or start of your computer - which partitions you would like to use at that time. The other partitions remain invisible.
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WinRescue 98
Windows 98 might be a little more advanced than its predecessors, but one thing's for sure -- it will eventually crash. Prepare yourself for the inevitable with WinRescue 98. This excellent utility (which works only with Windows 98) backs up 13 important files along with the Start menu, the Desktop, Favorites, Recent items, and any additional files you wish.
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UpgradeAid 98
UpgradeAid 98 is a new software utility that can take the fear, uncertainty, and doubt out of upgrading to Windows 98 by ensuring that users can continue to work under Windows 95, should the need arise
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Access to Online Update without registering
Access to Online Update and similar features in Win98, which are completely disabled until the user completes the Online Registration process.
If neither the time nor the inclination to complete the online registration and submit their personal information and Product ID for use by "Microsoft and their affiliates."
To unlock the Online Update functionality without completing the Online
Registration, one may simply the following registry patch:
You will never again be prompted to complete the online registration

Use the following Internet address to access Windows Update and then click Product Updates.